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Programs & Sessions

Heal Your Life

A Bi- Weekly Supportive Women's Coaching Group

Group coaching an intimate setting on the farm with the support of your coach and the majestic horse.

$50 per person per session

Sessions held outside or in the barn weather permitting.

Limited to 6 people. 

Intensive Programs

Here's What You'll Get to Create a Healthy & Whole

Body, Mind & Soul

Self-Discovery Tools

  • Learn about your personality

  • Create a Vision

  • Learn Your Values

  • Discover Yourself, Your Happiness, Your Life's Purpose

  • Activity Plan 

  • We'll develop a plan that works for you

  • Food Plan Development

  • A series customized to what works for you

  • PLUS an incredible 14-day DETOX program with recipes!

  • Reduce Your Stress

  • Learn practice techniques to help you

  • Learn meditation practices

  • Healing Sessions

  • Work with your or my equine partners

  • Community

  • A Facebook group for support and helpful tips from other beautiful women! 

  • Get All This

    In Two Monthly Options



    9 Total Zoom or
    In Person Sessions
    • 3 monthly sessions 

    • 50-60 minutes

    2-3 BONUS Healing Sessions

  • With one of your or my equine partners

  • 2


    6 Total Phone or In Person Sessions

  • 3 monthly sessions

  • 50-60 minutes

  • 1 BONUS Healing Session

  • With one of your or my equine partners

  • Guidance & Clarity

    'Though I am not sure where to start, I believe I can open with the fact that Donna saved my life. I was in a dark place, I believed myself to be broken beyond repair. Only two years into my veterinary career I found myself severely depressed and questionably numb to everything in my life. Though I do not wish to believe it, there was a period of time when waking up in the morning was something I did not want to happen. I was working in a very toxic practice, of which my days became very isolated. Not only was my mental health very poor, my physical health suffered as well. As Donna stated to me in my first session my “body was in survival mode, storing fat to help preserve myself while I was undergoing all this trauma in my life”. I regretted going to veterinary school, my childhood dream since I can remember. I lost interest in the things that made me, me, like my love for equestrianism. I lost who I was. I hated myself and hated feeling this way. All things added up, there really was not a point to continue in life, nothing helped ease the “numbness” that had fallen over me.


    My mother being good friends with Donna encouraged me to take part in her life coaching, as did my husband. Looking back now, this was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Working with Donna and her horses restored my love for veterinary medicine, and my newfound love for myself. The animals I had once healed, were healing me. THIS is where I was meant to be. Donna not only healed my mental state, but she helped me regain control of my physical health. My world began to change drastically, only for the better! Donna helped me put big plans in motion for my life, as she said, “the universe is moving for you!” and it very much did!

                I began a new career in veterinary medicine, with a MUCH better practice and work-to-life balance. A good veterinarian MUST be kind and take care of herself before she can provide exceptional care to her patients. Donna brought me to that realization. Likewise, working on my life goals with Donna led to a better and deeper relationship with my husband. I can appreciate our connection and understanding of each better. We were able to work together and make our dreams work for us, such as purchasing our first new vehicle. As well as planning and potentially purchasing our forever farm.


    None of this was remotely possible where I was before working with Donna. Her methods and coaching DO WORK, and great things are destined to happen when you allow her to become a part of your life.

                I consider Donna not only my friend, but my guardian angel. I would want nothing less for other woman having similar struggles in their lives. Be blessed with Donna’s coaching and lifestyle management.'

    "Working with Donna was a great experience."


    I was feeling stuck in my career path and needed guidance on next steps with my daughter who just turned 18.


    Through the process, I learned more about myself and gained clarity around the changes I needed to implement in my life.


    I thought, since there are coaches for sports and nutrition, why not apply the same principles to figuring out how to move forward on the best path possible in life - and it worked.


    I was very pleased with the thought and care Donna put into our sessions, the process, and how I felt when we concluded. I am grateful to be in better place in life!"


    Turn your transitions into positive powerful transformations!

    Complimentary Hope Session

    Going through a difficult time?

    I would be honored to speak with you

    about what you are experiencing.

    30 Minute Phone Call

    Equusology Session

    Are you open to allowing your horse to teach you about yourself?


    Learn how to decipher your horse’s temperament and better understand yourself. You LOVE your horse, now get to know him a little better and communicate with her more clearly.

    3 Part Service:

    Introduction | Assessment | Evaluation

    Zoom or Phone

    Book a Session

    Not Sure Which Program or Session is Right for You?

    Schedule a Complimentary 30-minute Consultation to Determine Your Next Step

    Compassionate Facilitator

    "I attended 4 sessions where I had the honor of working with Donna's soulful horses.


    Donna was a kind and compassionate facilitator and the horses offered their own individual versions of guidance and support. Each horse offered its own unique personality, gifts and insights for my healing.


    Through simple intuition I could understand what it is they hoped to share and guide me in during the sessions.


    Listen with your heart and you will 'hear' them too. Above all else, their intention was love- and who among us couldn't use a bit more of that in our day and on our life's journey?"




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