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A Journey of Grief to Wholeness
with Donna 

Grief, Horses & Healing: Support for Pet Loss

Welcome to a space of solace and healing, dedicated to those who have experienced the profound grief of losing a cherished pet.


I'm Donna Carlson and am a Certified Coach in Equine Gestalt, Human and Pet Loss, and Women's Empowerment.


My passion is helping individuals navigate the complexities of life and grief to find peace and purpose and embrace joy once again.

Understanding Your Grief: In our grief coaching sessions, we delve into the depth and uniqueness of your emotions. I've walked the path of profound loss, from many beloved pets to dear family members and I recognize the weight of sorrow that accompanies these experiences.

Coping Strategies: Together, we explore practical and meaningful ways to manage grief on a daily basis. Whether it's creating a sacred space for remembrance or finding solace in daily rituals, our sessions are tailored to your unique needs.

Supporting Yourself: Grieving is a journey best undertaken with support. Our sessions focus on seeking comfort and guidance on how to process your grief fostering understanding and compassion for yourself.

The Healing Power of Connection: For those who have lost a pet, connecting with animals can be a source of profound healing. Through my Equine Gestalt Coaching sessions with my healing herd, you'll explore the deep healing process that horses provide, embark on a transformative journey and find peace with your loss. Our sessions are not only traditional talk therapy but provides a unique experience where the majestic equine becomes an active partner in your healing. Together, we'll explore somatic emotions, release pain, and begin the journey to feeling whole again.

Why Choose Pet Loss Coaching with Donna Carlson:

  • Personalized and compassionate approach based on my own experiences with pet loss.

  • Certified Equine Gestalt/Pet and Human Loss.

  • Comprehensive understanding of grief, offering support for both pet and equine loss.

  • Integration of practical coping strategies, memorialization techniques, and the healing power of connection.

Discover Hope, Joy, and Possibility: You deserve to find hope, joy, and possibility again, even after the profound loss of a pet.


Reach out to me for personalized grief coaching sessions, and experience the transformative power of connecting with my healing herd.

To schedule a session or learn more about my approach, please visit my Contact Page or reach out via email at

Remember, you are not alone in your grief, and healing is possible with the right support.


Healing Hearts Starter Guide
Navigating Your Pet Loss with Grace


Pet Loss Grief Coaching:

Losing a cherished pet can be an incredibly challenging experience. My pet loss grief coaching services offer a safe and supportive space to navigate through the grieving process. I aim to provide comfort, understanding, and practical tools to help you heal and honor the memory of your beloved companion.

Your pet loss grief coaching includes:

1.    Emotional Support - Receive compassionate guidance and understanding during this difficult time, allowing you to express your feelings and emotions freely.

2.    Coping Strategies - Learn effective coping mechanisms and self-care practices to manage grief and find solace.

3.    Deep healing with the horses where you will feel loving and intense healing energy and walk away with a sense of peace.

4.    Support Network - Connect with a person who has experienced similar loss, fostering empathy, understanding, and a sense of belonging.

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Why Choose Me:

1.    Expertise: With years of experience and a deep understanding of pet loss and grief, I bring specialized knowledge and expertise to guide you through every step.

2.    Compassionate Approach: I genuinely care about your well-being and the emotions you experience during challenging times. Our coaching sessions are characterized by empathy, compassion, and a non-judgmental attitude.

3.    Customized Solutions: I recognize that every pet and pet owner is unique. Our coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive personalized support and guidance.

4.    Holistic Philosophy: By focusing on the whole being and considering various aspects of your grief, I provide a well-rounded approach that promotes balance and harmony.

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From Grief to Joy

"When I met Donna I was feeling hopeless with grief. After 6 months of healing I am hopeful with joy. I have learned to let myself feel those difficult emotions I was hiding from and confront them with the healing strength of the herd. Once I could do this I could move on from my grief. I opened my broken heart one more time to receive the healing that Donna was able to give me. I’m so glad I did. I am forever grateful for this life transforming experience."



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