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Hope - Healing - Happiness
In EVERY Part of Your Life
This isn't just any ordinary "Grief Support Group."

It's time to break free from the ineffective and empty conversations that leave you feeling no better off than before.

There is a better way!

Instead, it's time to make a decision to take control of your life and start growing again. Don't be held back by the guilt and darkness that accompanies grief.

There's a better way, and it's within your reach!

What really helped me
move out of my deep darkness is that I realized I didn’t have to stay stuck in my own head or the story of my loss.

I discovered the main thing that was keeping me stuck and you can too.

With my help, you can reignite your joy and take those necessary steps to transition into a new and fulfilling phase of your life.

It's not about staying stuck in your own head or clinging to the story of your loss, but rather implementing proven strategies and making simple yet powerful shifts in your perspective.


My ultimate mission is to see you flourish and experience true happiness again.
You don't have to commit to a lifetime of working with me. Instead, let's work together to quickly bring light and hope back into your life.


If you're ready to take the next step and explore what this journey could look like for you, then I invite you to book a

mentary 1:1 Hope-Session with me.



To get you started, I've also created a Free guide that gives 

10 'How To' Tips to finding healing and hope in difficult times. Click here to receive your FREE Guide and start taking steps towards a brighter future.

Hi, I'm Donna,
and I help women who are ready to move from grief into healing, hope happiness and gratitude so they can live in their new empowered joy-filled life.

Whether you are feeling the loss of another or some other type of loss like the loss of your self, the loss of your inspiration, the loss of your health and more…coaching can help.


Coaching is for those that what change…change to move forward; change to find a new way of living; change to recognize your past and even more importantly to know your power and infinite wisdom; change to not just be heard but to put a stake in the ground to dig down deep and feel the support of your coach and in my case the amazing healing horse!

More than a state of mind. You could even call it a state of heart.

My coaching clients desire to extend that state to every part of their lives - and they come to me for the support and guidance to make that happen. Let's work together to bring more possibility, strength, resiliency, joy, and hope to every part of your life!



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A Powerful Guided Meditation

with YOUR Heart in Mind.

Short, Effective, & EASY-to-use Downloadable Audio!

This energy-saving, self-regulation strategy is

designed to reduce the intensity of a stress reaction

and to establish a calm, but alert state.

What Can I Do For You?

Attract What you Want

Shift your beliefs and feelings about health, love, and money by learning how to give yourself the love and support that you give your horse.

Uncover the Blind Spots

Sometimes we aren't consciously aware of what we need to work on. There is a clear path to your greatest self, but we can't always see it on our own.

Create Your Vision

Together we formulate the plan to create the life that allows you to soar into your greatest destiny. 

Engage in Deep Grief Healing

Whether you are in Grief or feeling lost in your life -- It's time to set yourself free from restrictions and live the life of your dreams.

Find Your Unique Path

Experience breakthroughs and discover how to unlock your fears and grief that keep you stuck. 

Find the skills to empower you to take the path you were born to walk.

Discover the Missing Link

Nurture your self-esteem and gain the confidence to honor yourself and your body with respect and pure love. Nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Deepen Your Connection with Your Horse

I can show you how...

When you create space in your world for possibility - your relationships will flourish. Even with your horse!

From Grief to Joy

"When I met Donna I was feeling hopeless with grief. After 6 months of healing I am hopeful with joy. I have learned to let myself feel those difficult emotions I was hiding from and confront them with the healing strength of the herd. Once I could do this I could move on from my grief. I opened my broken heart one more time to receive the healing that Donna was able to give me. I’m so glad I did. I am forever grateful for this life transforming experience."



Insight and Confidence

"Donna coaches with amazing insight and confidence. Her style makes you feel safe whilst exploring sensitive unfinished emotional business. I can highly recommend Donna’s services."

Wayne M.

South Africa

Heard and Valued

"Donna’s straightforward compassionate approach makes her client feel heard and valued.


Her insight and experience shine through in her work."

Julie B.

Erie, CO

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