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Empow{Her} to Change the World

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These Workshops offer the tools, support and community girls need to grow into healthy strong women with passion and conviction.


What if

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Girls were truly equipped for the real world ahead?

Equal opportunities, healthy choices, and encouragement were available in abundance as they grew?

The media, peer pressure, and stereotypes would not be able to beat them down or crush their confidence?

They had the tools, support, and community they needed to grow into a healthy strong women with passion and conviction.

GiRLiFE U's mission is to positively impact the lives of girls when they need it most. Its goal is to create a world where there are NO limits, NO stereotypes, NO impossible expectations of perfection and beauty… where girls are truly equipped for the real world ahead. 

We will learn about dialogue, thought-provoking crafts and healthy nutrition projects. GiRLiFE U workshops create a space where girls can honor their own individuality while embracing each-other's.

And, when the workshop is in the barn, the girls will learn about horses and how horses teach them about leadership, self-love, healthy self-esteem and their power.

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A community of like-minded friends 

A strong understanding of their innate power over their thoughts 

Mind & body tools that they can use in ALL situations 

Confidence to make healthy choices for their bodies 

A craft to illustrate the many lessons of each workshop 

Some of the workshops available include:

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Workshops begin November 6-27

  • Location: Gilbertsville (The Barn)

  • Sunday 11/6 9:00-10:00 a.m.

  • Introductory Price: $97 for all 4 weeks 

Email me with questions

Helping Humanity Through the Gift of Healing | Coaching for Women and Girls

Honor Thy Horse and Human Spirit

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